Online SUP Yoga Pilates Teacher Training


(Distance Learning with one-to-one online support):
Teaching SUP YogaPilates is an amazing way to connect with Nature. Guide your students to find their inner presence and to flow joyfully while you all merge with the beautiful sound of the birds and the healing power of the sea, breeze, & breath.
We invite you to become a certified SUP Yoga Pilates instructor with our online SUP YogaPilates Teacher training course. This course combines the most comprehensive SUP Yoga, SUP Pilates & SUP professional training. It is designed for Yoga, Pilates, and/or SUP instructors aiming to teach effective, safe, & fun SUP YogaPilates sessions.
Our Online SUP Yoga Pilates instructor certification course will allow you to complete your training from home at your own pace (with our online support available for your questions). After course completion, we offer optional one-to-one practice training in Ibiza. This course is available all-year-round.
For more information about this course & bookings please get in touch at info@supyogapilates.com

At our online SUP YogaPilates Teacher training you will learn:

  • Stand Up Paddle Surf skills & technique: Optional module for SUP instructors and pre-requisite for Yoga & Pilates teachers and anyone else wishing to join the SUP YogaPilates teacher training. Includes:
    • Introduction to Stand Up Paddle Surf
    • History of SUP
    • SUP equipment
    • Professional paddling technique
    • SUP tips
    • Water safety.
  • SUP Yoga: This module will provide you with the proper skills and experience needed to conduct a safe, fun, & complete SUP Yoga class for all levels of practice. Includes:
    • Introduction to Stand Up Paddle Surf
    • Yoga & SUP Yoga
    • Keys to teach SUP Yoga (Permits, locations & conditions)
    • SUP Yoga equipment
    • SUP Yoga asanas & onboard sessions
    • How to design a successful SUP Yoga class
    • SUP Yoga water safety guidelines.
  • SUP Pilates: At this module you will learn how to provide an effective, safe, & refreshing SUP Pilates session for all levels of practice. Includes:
    • Introduction to Stand Up Paddle Surf
    • Pilates & SUP Pilates
    • Keys to teach SUP Pilates (Permits, locations & conditions)
    • SUP Pilates equipment
    • SUP Pilates exercises & onboard sessions
    • How to design a successful SUP Pilates class
    • SUP Pilates water safety guidelines.
  • SUP YogaPilates: This module will provide you with all the assets,  knowledge, and practice that you need to design and teach a complete SUP YogaPilates session. During the course you will also practice SUP YogaPilates sequences. In addition, you will learn to guide a class. Includes:
    • Introduction to Stand Up Paddle Surf
    • YogaPilates & SUP YogaPilates
    • Keys to teach SUP YogaPilates (Permits, locations & conditions)
    • SUP YogaPilates equipment
    • YogaPilates sequencing on the SUP board
    • SUP YogaPilates water safety guidelines.

At our SUP YogaPilates instructor training online we will provide you with:

  • All SUP YogaPilates equipment
  • Highly professional tuition (Theory & Practice)
  • Stand-Up Paddle Surf Intensive course manual
  • Paddleboard Yoga manual
  • Stand Up Paddle manual
  • SUP YogaPilates manual
  • SUP YogaPilates instructor certificate by SUP YogaPilates Institute & Paddle Surf Spain.
  • Free inclusion in our SUP YogaPilates certified instructor directory, with the option to join our remunerated internship program allowing you to teach paid SUP YogaPilates sessions. This will enable you to gain experience in teaching SUP YogaPilates. Furthermore, it will help you to perfect your SUP YogaPilates knowledge and practice.


  • Being a certified Stand-Up Paddle Surf instructor. Otherwise, you will need to complete our SUP  skills & technique intensive course module in order to join the SUP YogaPilates teacher training.
  • Being a certified Pilates &/or Yoga teacher or having a strong Yoga &/or Pilates experience.

If you would like to find out more, please get in touch with us at info@supyogapilates.com or by phone at (+34) 630 749 572.