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SUP Fitness: What it SUP Fitness, benefits and classes

SUP Fitness (Fitness training on the Stand-Up Paddleboard) provides an intense full body workout combining Stand-Up Paddle Surf (SUP)  with Fitness exercises on the water.
This workout is very effective for the entire body, from shoulders and arms, to back and abs and everything below. It also enables physical and mental growth in a fun natural setting and will help you overcome the boredom of a regular gym routine.
We personalize these sessions to every fitness and SUP level.
We cater your needs whether you just need a comfortable workout for toning your body or a hardcore muscle workout to challenge you and improve your endurance.

Our Stand-Up Paddleboard Fitness classes include:

  • SUP Fitness (Fitness training on the SUP board)
  • Postural alignment & Balance exercises
  • Stretching
No matter what paddleboarding or Fitness experience you have, ALL LEVELS ARE WELCOME.

SUP Fitness classes:

Our Stand-Up Paddle Surf Fitness sessions are available by appointment at your desired date & time
Our Paddleboard Fitness classes instructor is Shankara, Stand-Up Paddle Surf (SUP) certified instructor by the Spanish Federation of Surf and the International Organization of Stand Up Paddle Surf, personal trainercertified SUP Yoga & Pilates teachercertified Pilates & Yoga instructor and SUP YogaPilates teacher trainer officially qualified in California (USA).

RATES (including all SUP Fitness gear rental):

  • Groups 4 pax min: 35€/person
  • Private lesson 2 pax: 50€/person
  • Private lesson 1 person: 90€

SUP Fitness class & healthy lunch rates:

  • Groups 4 pax (min): 53€/person
  • Private lesson 2 pax: 68€/person
  • Private lesson 1 pax: 108€
LIMITED SPACES AVAILABLE: Please book your space in advance at info@supyogapilates.com or Tel/WhatsApp (+34) 630 749 572

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