6 Top Benefits To Be Enjoyed from a Yoga Retreat

According to Harvard Medical School, Yoga provides a retreat from our chaotic and busy lives. In addition it helps us to deal with mental and physical conditions and improves our relationship with food. But there’s a big difference between taking regular Yoga classes and booking yourself onto a Yoga retreat, particularly when the retreat takes you to a magical destination like Ibiza. The experience is more intense and highly memorable. Also for many people it is the energizing kick they need to make positive changes to their daily routines at home.
You should also consider retreats that combine Yoga with other kinds of activities and disciplines such as SUP YogaPilates. SUP YogaPilates is a complete training fusion that combines Yoga, Pilates and Stand-Up Paddle Surf. The Yoga and Pilates elements work the core, while the Stand up paddle takes care of strength, flexibility and balance.
Whatever kind of retreat you choose, you can be sure of experiencing the following major benefits as a result:

1. Experience two kinds of journeys

Yoga retreat offers more than one kind of journey. It offers the chance to travel to a foreign location and take a journey within yourself at the same time. It’s the kind of experience that offers a deeper connection with the world that surrounds us and with our inner spirit.

As we spend time sleeping away from home and away from all the distractions that form part of our daily lives, we make real contact with the immediate environment. In addition, we make the time for true personal reflection. Most Yoga retreats are organized in locations that encourage deep spiritual connections. Ibiza, India and Thailand featuring as three of the most magical destinations. As we connect with Nature and rediscover our body’s natural rhythm, we give ourselves the chance to find ways of letting light and peacefulness into our soul.

2. Improve your Yoga skills

A common misconception held by some who have never practiced Yoga is that it’s fairly easy to master. While it may look easy from afar, Yoga is actually an intense form of physical exercise. It can provide challenges in terms of flexibility, stamina and strength. Asanas, headstands and meditation don’t come easy. They require years of practice to be fully mastered and even then there’s always room for personal improvement.

Committing to a busy work and Yoga-practicing schedule at home can be really tiring. However, most Yoga retreats include at least two classes every day. This makes it easier to practice and improve your technique in a shorter space of time.

3. Detox from technology

According to an article published by CNN, Americans spend more than 10 hours a day looking at a screen. Even when we go on vacation, we tend to get drawn into the technology trap of responding to texts, messages and emails, or of checking our social media updates and talking to friends and family as though we were at home.

Yoga retreats, on the other hand, are much better at encouraging us to embrace a complete technology detox. Learning how to unplug and switch off can be quite a challenge; one that is sometimes best learned when exposed to specific experiences, like a Yoga retreat.

4. Make new friends

Friends are always important, but friends who share similar interests are even more important. Yoga retreats are excellent environments for forming strong and lasting connections with others. This is why they’re also really great for people who enjoy traveling alone. They provide opportunities to acquire knowledge and learn the details about yoga and its practices from more experienced yogis.

The other advantage of attending a Yoga retreat on your own is that you don’t always have to be in a sociable mood. Whenever you want to have some individual time just for you, you can retreat to your room or go for a wander without worrying about offending your friends.

5. Cleanse your body from the inside out

Yoga retreats can do wonders for your diet too. Most retreats offer programs that include cleansing meals that will take your health to a whole new level. The norm for many of the all-inclusive programs is to offer a balanced diet of three healthy, tasty meals a day, plus regular snacks designed to boost your nutrient and vitamin intake.

You might also find that the meals you enjoy on the retreat inspire you with new ideas for what to prepare at home. We often get sucked into the same meal ideas thanks to a lack of time and energy. Find here information about 15 incredibly nutrient dense foods to optimize your diet. A visit to a Yoga retreat can help to break your regular meal cycle. Furthermore, it can introduce your palate to invigorating culinary experiences.

6. Recharge your batteries for the long-term

Essentially, Yoga retreats offer a complete make-over: physical, mental, spiritual and dietary, with the added perk of traveling to a new destination. For these reasons they are far more effective for keeping stress at bay in the long-term. The skills you learn during a retreat can be incorporated into your regular routine, helping you to maintain a healthy balance in life beyond the initial experience. Read here some of the many health benefits of Yoga, as proven by science.

Author: Sally Writes / Photo by Kyson Dana on Unsplash